2020 Annual Conference Presentations

SESWA’s 15th Annual Regional Stormwater Conference focused on Stormwater Solutions in Region 4 by providing attendees with a wide array of technologies and strategies to address challenges in stormwater management across the Southeast.

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Wednesday - October 7, 2020 (PRE-CONFERENCE)

PC01  Making the Virtual World Work for Your Needs
              [Jarman, O'Reilly, Currence, Peck]  ||  View Recording - Jarman, O'Reilly, Currence, Peck

Thursday - October 8, 2020

Welcome and Opening Address
              [Hofer, Hopkins] - no presentations

OS01  Stormwater Management Regulations - A Southeast Perspective
              [Gettle, Jazil - no presentation]  ||  View Recording - Gettle, Jazil
01 – Watershed Asset Prioritization on Condition Assessment and Flood Resiliency
         [Nagarajan, Holton]  ||  View Recording
02 – MS4 Audit Success Studies
         [Bishop, Butler, Kirby, Norris]  ||  View Recording
03 – How to Save Nichols, South Carolina - A Small Town Lost in the Floods
         [Muller]  ||  View Recording
04 – FDOT - Innovative MS4 Program Initiatives
         [Peene]  ||  View Recording
05 – Re-Wilding Streams and Floodplains to Enhance Ecosystem Services
         [Jennings]  ||  View Recording
06 – Rock Hill, South Carolina - A Proactive Stormwater Program
         [Sands, Dickson]  ||  View Recording
07 – Implementing Beaver Dam Analogs in Atlanta's Nancy Creek Watershed
         [Behrend, Smith]  ||  View Recording
08 – Establishing Citywide Watershed Master Plan to Deliver Flooding Solutions
         [Thomas-Ambat, Dickson]  ||  View Recording
09 – Stream Bank Repair: New Opportunities to Address Water Quality Concerns
         [Altman, Jackson]  ||  View Recording
10 – Keeping Up with the Times - 2D's Role in Modernizing Drainage Study Program
         [Netzinger, Godfrey, Johns]  ||  View Recording
11 – Tennessee's MTD Guidance Document - A Collaborative Story in Motion
         [Bishop, Bates]  ||  View Recording
12 – Engaging Stakeholders to Develop a Watershed Research Master Plan
         [Leo, Mosher, VandenHeuvel]  ||  View Recording

Friday - October 9, 2020

13 – High Definition Stream Survey Methods for a MS4 Stormwater Permit
         [Connell]  ||  View Recording
14 – Building Beautiful Resiliency: Parks, Ponds And Pollutants
         [Davis, Harrison]  ||  View Recording
15 – Success Story: Significant Bacteria Reduction From BMP Implementation
         [Vandelay, Cooper]  ||  View Recording
16 – Big Creek Drainage Study and Flood Mitigation Design Project
         [Ward]  ||  View Recording
17 – Implementing a Stormwater Utility with Rural and Urban
         [Cromwell, Eaves, Myers]  ||  View Recording
18 – Tidal Surge Protection for Coastal Fresh Water Irrigation as Sea Levels Rise
         [Horner]  ||  View Recording
19  Federal Update and National Stormwater Trends
         [Remmel]  ||  View Recording