2019 Annual Conference Presentations

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SESWA’s 14th Annual Regional Stormwater Conference focused on Stormwater Solutions in Region 4 by providing attendees with a wide array of technologies and strategies to address challenges in stormwater management across the Southeast.

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Wednesday - October 9, 2019 (PRE-CONFERENCE)

Tour of Local Stormwater Projects - no presentations
Stormwater Infrastructure Asset Management [Clarkson, Cole, Dow, Kalkat, Singer]

Thursday - October 10, 2019

Welcome and Opening Address [Hawks, Gettle] - no presentations
New Initiatives in Stormwater Mgmt - SE Perspective [Zapata, Canaan, Jennings, Mason, Williams] - no presentations
01 – Designing Water Quality and Park Improvements in an Urban Setting [Mason, Minkara]
02 – Going Green at Collins Hill Library is a Win for the Community [Braswell, Jones]
03 – Regenerative Stormwater Conveyance Solution for Channel Stability and Nutrient Removal [Gaiski-Weitz]
04 – Atlanta's Environmental Impact Bond for Green Infrastructure [Behrend]
05 – Hominy Swamp Restoration: A Case Study in Category 4b Implementation [Blandford, Parsons]
06 – Stormwater Funding Review for a Unified Government [Stevenson]
07 – Litter Quitters: Anti-Litter/Stormwater Protection Video Competition [Freeman, Killian]
08 – Shift in Stormwater Funding After 30 Years [Kiefer]
09 – Forming Effective Partnerships to Streamline Outreach Programs for Maximum Results [Williams, Orscheln]
10 – Leveraging Disaster Recovery Grant Funds for Stormwater Infrastructure Projects [Williams, Davis]
11 – WOTUS Litigation Update:  Current…and Future? [Jazil]
12 – Leveraging Resources for Implementing NPDES MS4 Permit Requirements [Miller]

Friday - October 11, 2019

13 – Challenges in the Implementation of Water Quality Crediting Programs [Rogers]
14 – Evolving Solutions for Pollution Prevention within Municipal Field Operations [O'Reilly]
15 – The Fiscal Impact of Post-Construction Stormwater Maintenance [Brewer]
16 – Optimization Analysis of a Street Sweeping Program [Ellard, Hardin]
17 – Preventing Maintenance Mayhem [Williams]
18 – Who Pooped in our Water? Lessons Learned Using Bacteroides Biomarker Methods [Hunt]
19  Federal Update and National Stormwater Trends [Remmel]