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How to Use Drones in Stormwater Management
January 17, 2019  |  10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Eastern Time

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The drones are coming! For the last two years, Beaufort County, SC has been using drone technology to gather photogrammetric data for its GIS, Stormwater and various other department projects. The County has now started using drone technology to gather aerial imagery for impervious surface data for calculating Stormwater fees. Currently, impervious surface data is collected every year as part of a countywide aerial imagery project. The webinar will illustrate how adding drone technology to the workflow will allow impervious surface area to be automatically extracted and calculated as projects are completed, ultimately increasing productivity and efficiency while minimizing loss of revenue. In addition, County staff will present how the use of drones and digital terrain modeling to inspect construction compliance with design and for annual post construction inspections is improving the quality of inspections and saving both time and money. Continuing education credits are not offered for free webinars.

Robert Gecy, Application Programmer 
Beaufort County, SC

Eric Larson, PE, CPSWQ, AICP, CFM, Director Stormwater Utility
Beaufort County, SC

Daniel Morgan, GIS Director
Beaufort County, SC

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