SESWA Committees

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Our volunteers are vital to the continued success of SESWA!  It is their dedication, passion and energy that enable us to provide top-notch education and other services that are targeted to the specific needs of our members and the stormwater profession.  Volunteering to serve on a SESWA committee is a great way to become more involved in your Association and have a say in its programs!  Committees meet twice each year, in conjunction with the Annual Conference and the Spring Seminar. 

SESWA has four standing Committees:  Communications; Conference and Education; Membership; and, Stormwater Policy.  Serving on a Committee is a great way to contribute to the stormwater profession and become more involved with your Association.  Appointments run concurrently with the President’s FY October 2020-21 term of office.

  • The Communications Committee is is responsible for overseeing the newsletter and the community forum section of the Association’s website.

  • The Conference & Education is responsible for overseeing the planning and administration of the Association’s workshops and conferences, and all educational programs of the Association.

  • The Membership Committee is responsible for overseeing member recruitment, membership services and ensuring continuity of the existing membership.

  • The Stormwater Policy Committee is responsible for overseeing the Association’s activities relating to Congress and federal agencies as they concern the objectives of the Association.   

Your organization must be a member of SESWA to serve on a committee.  The SESWA Board President makes final committee appointments to ensure a balance of private and public members.

2021 Committees will be appointed in November of 2020.  If you missed the deadline to request an appointment to a SESWA Committee and would like to volunteer, please contact SESWA.