2021 Seminar Presentations

The contact lists, notebook, presentations, and recordings from the Seminar are listed below.  The presentations are listed in the order presented.

Seminar Notebook

PRESENTATIONS - Files are large, please be patient when downloading

  1. Welcome and Overview
    [Hofer, Hopkins] - No Presentation

  2. Evaluating Stormwater Infrastructure Funding and Financing, A USEPA Report to Congress, 2020
    [Hawks]  ||  View Recording

  3. How Do We Prioritize Our Drainage Infrastructure Problems? And How Will We Pay For It?
    [Locklear, Vatter]  ||  View Recording

  4. Financial Strategies to Accelerate Infrastructure Investments
    [Hammock]  ||  View Recording

  5. Johns Creek Forms Stormwater Utility - Pervious Plus Impervious ERU to Fund EOS Expansion
    [Chastant]  ||  View Recording

  6. Getting to the Green: Maximizing Grant Funding for Stormwater Needs
    [Mettlen]  ||  View Recording

  7. A Clever Program to Provide Fee Payers With A Tool to Receive A Return On Their Investment
    [Mabson]  ||  View Recording

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