Stormwater Compliance Coordinator - NC

Job Information
Category: Specialist
Job Status: Full-Time
Job Title: Stormwater Compliance Coordinator
Job Location: Monroe, NC

Job Description: Performs intermediate advanced technical and professional work developing, planning, organizing and conducting educational and involvement campaigns for residents and employees related to National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), Phase II permit, and the stormwater management plan; does related work as required. Work is performed under limited supervision of the Stormwater Engineering Supervisor.

Job Requirements: 

  • Planning, organizing and tracking efforts to maintain NDPES, Phase II permit compliance. Performing field and office educational work relating to the City’s Stormwater Management program; assisting with implementation of the Stormwater Management Program.

  • Perform and track key component of the City’s stormwater NPDES, Phase II permit requirements.

  • Plans and conducts site inspection of municipal facilities as it relates to the City’s Good Housekeeping Program.

  • Plans, develops, implements, tracks, and monitors the City’s Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Program.

  • Collects and compiles information; maintains records and prepares reports related to operations and activities of City’s stormwater NPDES, Phase II permit and/or other related information.

  • Assist with developing, implementing, and conducting employee training as it relates to the City’s Good Housekeeping Program for municipal operations.

  • Assist Environmental Educator with identifying, developing, and implementing outreach and public education programs for compliance with the City’s stormwater NPDES, Phase II permit.

  • Assist with the City’s post-construction program including reviewing stormwater management application and annual inspection reports.

  • Maintains and updates Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) as it relates to the City’s stormwater NPDES, Phase II permit.

  • Provides information to builders, developers, and contractors concerning City’s stormwater policies.

  • Assist customers and engineering consultants requesting information on floodplain management.

  • Researches and prepares grant applications.

  • Analyzes drainage problems; calculates flows; sizes pipes and compiles cost estimates.

  • Coordinates the administration of the private property stormwater management program.

  • Participates in the coordination of the City street sweeping program including routing and policy administration.

  • Performs related tasks as required.

Salary Information: $45,011 - $75,005

How to Apply: To apply, please visit our website.

Organization Information
Organization: City of Monroe
Point of Contact: Sarah McAllister
Address: 300 W Crowell Street
City: Monroe
State: NC 
Zip Code: 28112
Phone: 704-282-4532
Email:[email protected]