Tracy Mitchell
Tracy Mitchell

Black & Veatch
Stormwater and Regulatory Leader

How long have you been a member of SESWA (years)?
I have been a member off and on for 5.5 years with a break in between for family.

Have you served SESWA in the past? If so, how?

What abilities and attributes can you bring to the Board?
Based on my experiences and expertise, I can provide a fresh perspective(s) on how we can approach obstacles/questions together. I've held a leadership role in my job history and would love to translate that to another level within my stormwater community. I've been involved on all levels - State, local, and personally, and would like to step up my involvement as I transition back into Stormwater management.

What background and experience do you have in the stormwater industry?
I've been a Stormwater MS4 Program Manager and worked on the State level in regulatory stormwater permitting. Now, I'm approaching challenges in Stormwater from the private side. I have experience from all angles - as the regulator, the permittee and from the private side - knowing what is expected, what is to be done, and how we can help.

Why do you want to serve on the Board of Directors?
I'm just getting back into the Stormwater realm from a small hiatus, and I would like to immerse myself into all aspects of what our communities are facing. I'm reinvigorated to provide the insight and expertise of my experiences and provide some leadership outside my current client base.