Todd Cosby
Todd Cosby

Falcon Design Consultants
Sr Engineering Project Manager

How long have you been a member of SESWA (years)?
About eight years.

Have you served SESWA in the past? If so, how?

What abilities and attributes can you bring to the Board?
Stormwater engineering expertise; utility management and regulatory experience; I listen more than I talk.

What background and experience do you have in the stormwater industry?
More than 18 years of engineering design and project management experience in both the private and public sector; four years of experience managing Rockdale County's stormwater utility; wrote ordinances, contracts, and procurement documents; worked with other local, State, and Federal regulators; served several years on MNGWPD's Upper Ocmulgee Basin Advisory Council

Why do you want to serve on the Board of Directors?
I would like to represent the interest of my private sector clients, as well as those of the various cities and counties that I provide consulting services to.