Maria Price
Maria Price

City of Chattanooga
Engineering Manager

How long have you been a member of SESWA (years)?
Five years.

Have you served SESWA in the past? If so, how?
I have supported the City of Chattanooga's efforts with SESWA.  I regularly participate in various studies on the many facets of stormwater management in hopes that this sharing of information will yield more holistic and data driven stormwater approaches.

What abilities and attributes can you bring to the Board?
I am passionate about stormwater and am an engaged member in my organizations.  In addition to my employment roles, I have many highly decorated years of leadership in the industry (ASCE, ASCE EWRI, TNSA) & civic organizations such as United Way and Girl Scouts.  I have a vast network and enjoy connecting people and furthering education and lessons learned.  I maintain a positive attitude through a changing regulatory world.

What background and experience do you have in the stormwater industry?
I am a licensed civil engineer in Tennessee & Virginia with a degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering from TN Tech Univ.  I have stormwater experience in both public and private sectors including design, permitting and infrastructure management.  I have given many presentations, participated in panels and provide guidance and expertise to the private sector and other MS4s regularly in addition to my STEM activities supporting the next generation of civil engineers on the secondary and collegiate levels.  In addition to local involvement, I have served on the state board of ASCE EWRI, TNSA and am an advocate for stormwater management through these and other various organizations.  In an effort to streamline development in the Chattanooga, TN area, I created and direct the annual Chattanooga Development Symposium which provides a platform for governing bodies and other organizations to disseminate information and open communication with engineers, landscape architects, surveyors and the development community in hopes of streamlining development in the greater Chattanooga area.

Why do you want to serve on the Board of Directors?
Being on the Board of Directors will allow me to have a larger and more direct impact on the stormwater industry and help provide network connections and expertise to the members of SESWA to help further SESWA's commitment to provide up-to-date information to stormwater management professionals in public and private sectors in the Southeast.