Kimberly Jones
Kimberly Jones, MS, CEPSCI

Town of Bluffton
Watershed Management Division Manager

How long have you been a member of SESWA (years)?
Eight years.

Have you served SESWA in the past? If so, how?
I have presented at both the SESWA Annual Conference and Spring Seminar on regional collaboration for stormwater management regulation development and the role bacteria in wetlands to downstream water quality impairments. Additionally, I've promoted SESWA educational events amongst our local development and design community.

What abilities and attributes can you bring to the Board?
Strategic-thinking professional with continuous advancement and experience using an evidence-based, adaptive-management approach to guide policy decisions, develop and evaluate programs and projects, and conduct impact assessments to achieve organizational objectives and goals. Committed coalition-builder to achieve goals by seeking, facilitating and cultivating stakeholder engagement and relationships from grass-roots organizations to federal agencies. Effective communicator, via various forms of media, to audiences including federal regulators, state agencies, elected officials, senior executives, peers, academia, the public, and children. Inclusive team leader who guides a cross-functional group of professionals and volunteers to achieve short- and long-term project outcomes in support of identified objectives and goals.

What background and experience do you have in the stormwater industry?
I've worked in the environmental field for over 25 years and in stormwater for the past 14 years. My professional training is in Biology/Ecology and I'm currently a PhD candidate at the University of South Carolina's Arnold School of Public Health in environmental health sciences. My perspective in stormwater management is based on gathering sound data and stakeholder input upon which to guide policies, programs, projects, and strategic partnerships. I've served in a number of roles for the Town of Bluffton including Interim Director of Engineering. Through these leadership positions I've managed teams of staff, consultants, and citizen advisory committees to implement the Town's Strategic Plan priorities including project management and program development and implementation as well as evaluation of each of these.

Why do you want to serve on the Board of Directors?
I am interested in representing the South Carolina stormwater community by serving on the Board of Directors. In this capacity, I envision a regular transfer of information from a regional perspective back to the state through our local South Carolina Association of Stormwater Managers meetings. Additionally, I would like to assist other stormwater managers across South Carolina connect with other colleagues whom might be a resource for local challenges we're facing.