John Butler
John Butler

Gwinnett County
Water Resources Outreach Manager

How long have you been a member of SESWA (years)?
Six years.

Have you served SESWA in the past? If so, how?
Yes! I've rotated between the Communications Committee and the Conference & Education Committee. With those committees I've written articles, acted as a State liaison, helped at conferences to take tickets and to moderate sessions. I've also had the privilege of presenting at the Spring Seminar and at the Annual Conference, and have presented in a webinar, as well. Most recently, I contributed to the process of creating the new Strategic Plan.

What abilities and attributes can you bring to the Board?
I have a natural tendency to lead when I am in a group, but I also know when to let others be in control. This gives me good balance and perspective in situations such as Board meetings where planning is done and decisions are made. I always consider the people I represent when I take a stance on an issue and am willing to go against my personal preference for the good of the constituency. I also have a knack for planning events and starting new initiatives, so being involved at the beginning of the implementation of the new strategic plan seems like good timing. Mostly, I have been fully impressed with SESWA and the quality of experience this association provides. It is my pleasure to serve on the Board and participate in such a worthwhile effort to move stormwater forward in the Southeast.

What background and experience do you have in the stormwater industry?
I started out in the field mapping stormwater structures for the inventory required by the MS4 Permit. I literally opened or visited well over 100,000 stormwater structures in that time. I've also inspected BMPs and performed structure and pipe inspections on stormwater assets. I moved into the compliance and enforcement realm after that to conduct IDIC investigations and business inspections, perform regulatory sampling and source identification monitoring, and track yearly data to write the annual report. I contributed to the development of multiple SWMPs with both Phase I and II MS4 permits during that time. Finally, I have also had extensive experience with the public education and involvement requirements of the MS4 Permit. I have 11 years of experience with stormwater education programming including workshops, storm drain stenciling/marking, Adopt-a-Stream, stream cleanups, public speaking, school programs, brochure development, and social marketing. My position at Gwinnett Water Resources has also made me familiar with water and sewer, so I have a holistic, One Water perspective on stormwater.

Why do you want to serve on the Board of Directors?
I’ve been excited to be on the Board during the past three years (third year due to COVID) and experience some of the inner workings of SESWA. I’ve learned a lot and been able to contribute in many ways. I would like to serve again to continue to bring the public education perspective and experience to the Board discussions and to pursue initiatives to tighten the focus on what public education can do for the industry and for SESWA. I am also excited to be part of the implementation of the new strategic plan and help bring SESWA up to the next level. I think there is room for growth not only with membership, but for the association. SESWA can be an influence on more than just the municipalities and companies who benefit from membership, but on the communities that we all serve. I would greatly appreciate the support of my fellow Georgians to serve another term on the Board of Directors so that I can keep our State at the forefront of leadership in the Southeast and pursue these new opportunities for SESWA to flourish.